Saturday, January 16, 2010

Science Fair 2010

Well, it's science fair season again. The last two years we have participated in the school science fair as well as the regional science fair. The school fair is usually held in mid February. Having the fair 5 weeks early defiantly put some pressure on the boys. I guess I'm not gonna lie, it put pressure on me too.

The week of the fair also included class book reports, regular homework, sports, and of course a birthday party for my oldest. It was just A LOT for me....I don't know about them...for me, I was gonna go nuts!!

WE managed to pull off two simple, yet good, projects. Happy to say that they were both good enough to receive second place for their grade level. Way to go!! Surprised and proud for sure.

One was on comparing yeast the other on comparing citrus oil from different fruit. Did you know you can squeeze an orange peel over a flame and seem some pretty cool stuff!?

Yeah for 2nd place!

xo M