Sunday, September 28, 2008


I know. I know. I haven't been tending to my blog. I have been a bad blogger.

No good excuses. Just lazy and busy.

I know, how can you be lazy and busy all at once? Somehow I manage to do both. If I am not busy then I am being lazy. In turn I end up with no posts on the blog.

I can tell you that I blogged for our local paper. That was fun. I wrote for them twice in September. They printed a little bit from one day and printed everything I wrote from the second day. Pretty cool huh?

All I know is that I always feel like I am playing catch up. Today was so beautiful and I spent it shuffling papers and cleaning the office.

What I really want to do is scrapbook and play with stamps. You know, crafty sorta stuff.

Alright, that's enough for now. I will try to get some stuff up on the blog soon. You all take care.

xo M

Friday, September 12, 2008

Foot in mouth disease.

I have a case of foot in mouth disease.

First let me say that I don't think I have many haters or enemies. If I do they are kind enough to be nice to my face.

I ran into an old friend at the grocery store. This old friend really, really dislikes me. She thinks I did something towards her, against her, to her...whatever. Any ways whatever it is, I didn't do it. She has totally misunderstood the whole situation.

When she saw me I said hello. She turned beat red and said "oh great, this is my luck day." I sorta approached her to maybe have the chance of a reasonable conversation. She started talking very loudly to draw attention. She was saying that she would never forgive me, don't even think it will ever be the same, and that I have betrayed her.

I don't hate her. I feel sorry for her. I do wish we could talk. So, I tried to talk. When I did..I screwed it up BAD! Of all the things I could have said....I said the wrong thing. I feel like such a heel. What a jerk. Instead of maybe having a chance to make things civil I made it worse. I totally added fuel to her fire. I could just kick myself. I ruined my opportunity to make a moment of peace.

Great. Now what? Don't you ever wish you could do a conversation over? Don't you ever play the "I shoulda' said" game?

Do I send a card or something? I probably should just forget it. It's really over with now.

Thanks for reading my rant.

xo M