Saturday, January 30, 2010


We went to lunch at a local dive with the boys today. As our food arrived an elderly man came in to find a seat. From what the waitress said it sounded like he had already been there for breakfast. As he passed our table he stopped and smiled. He said hello to the boys and admired the fries. He found his seat a few booths over from us. I couldn't stop glancing over. He reminded me of my dad. (those that know me well, know that I am a true daddy's girl) As we went about our lunch I kept looking over and thinking of my dad. I said to my husband that we should say hello or even better, invite him to our house!!! He just shook his head. I was thinking that this old man is lonely, does he have family, and the poor guy eats all his meals the dive. I am such sucker for old guys. I got teared up thinking about it all.
My husband calls the waitress over and says that we would like to pay for the gentleman's lunch. She sorta got all wiggly and wobbly. She said, "NO, you can't!" HUH???? We can't?? As she walked away she said..."because someone has already paid for yours." What?? Someone bought our family lunch??? What is going on???? Wow!!! So we asked, why can't we buy his? Amazingly enough, he had been admiring us as much as we were admiring him.
Turns out he is 95 years old, drives, and owns an airplane that he still likes to fly. He told me that he's shooting for 100! His name is Winston.
Thank you Winston. You brought tears to my eyes. We will pay it forward.


Anonymous said...

Glad the blog is alive and well! Love this sweet!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story. I love it and it made my day.