Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here's one for ya!

This Christmas I decided to attempt some cute homemade gifts. I decided on chocolate chip banana bread in mini loaf pans and "Chex" mix in cute containers.
The banana bread mini loafs looked cute! I was proud to give them out.

I tried out a new "Chex" mix recipe. I followed the directions and made the mix in the microwave.

I wrapped up my homemade gifts and was ready to deliver. I gave the mini loafs to the school secretary and the principal. I gave some "Chex" mix to the P.E. teacher and my neighbor. I wrapped it up really cute with a bow and everything. I was proud of myself.
That was until I got home and decided to sit down with a cup of coffee and some of my banana bread. The banana bread was dry. Thank goodness I had some coffee. Then I gave some "Chex" mix a try. Ewwww! What the heck. It was soggy and had a weird taste. I was sorta freaked out! Oh my goodness....I just gave this gross stuff away as gifts!!! OH NO!! I almost drove back up to the school to ask for the gifts back. The "Chex" mix was the worst. The P.E. teacher was going to think I was trying to poison him or give him stale stuff.
I realized it was to late. What was done was done. I had to come to grips that I gave out cute but gross gifts!
I have managed to avoid talking to the P.E. teacher to this day....2 weeks into the new year. I asked my neighbor about the new flavor of "Chex" mix. He was honest enough to say that it had a "different" taste to it. I could just sink.
The school secretary said she enjoyed the banana bread. She was a horrible liar!!! I saw that smirk.
Hope they had coffee and a Merry Christmas.