Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hot outta the oven.

Don't you love the fair? I know a lot of people who prefer to pass on all the fun. Not me. I like seeing the vendors, going on the rides, the animals, people watching, and of course the food. It is sort of a tradition to go to the fair. Sometimes we go twice! It's one of those things my husband and I both grew up doing. He even thought it would be "romantic" to propose at the fair. I know sorta sweet and sour at the same time. Let me repeat...He proposed at the FAIR! Yikes. I don't usually share that.

Anyways. I love scones. I saw this box of "Fair" scone mix at Costco. My lovely client Julie told me she buys boxes at a time because it's so good. Well, I tried it out. It was pretty easy to make. You do have to do a little bit of kneading. That isn't something I do everyday...especially with something made from a box. So the boys and I mixed, kneaded, and cut out the triangle shapes. We got the warm scones outta the oven and loaded them up with home made jam and butter. YuMmy! Mmm, Mmm, good. Nothin' like a warm scone.

The box comes with 4 pouches. You can make a dozen scones from each pouch. All you need is water to mix it and some flour to knead it. You can do a variation by adding some blueberries, cheese, or nuts. The box also has recipes for shortcake and gourmet waffles.


xo M

PS. I may be blogging for the New Tribune one day during the fair. Fun.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Have you tried habanero peppers? Well let me give you an idea of how hot those little suckers are.

On a some sort of pepper scale a green pepper is at the bottom as far as spicy hot goes. It is ranked at zero. A jalapeno is rated at around 2300-2600. So, there is a bit of a bite. The habanero is rated at the top of the heap. It comes in at 230,000-260,000. VERY hot and spicy.

I have to tell you that I once ordered habanero chicken thinking it would be zippy and tasty. It was painful! I couldn't close my mouth it was so hot. I think I was panting like a dog.

So, my sweet boys and I decided to have a Dorito Habanero taste test. We had my mom, her husband, the two boys an myself line up with our one chip. It looks like a regular dorito. (Play a fun HOT trick on someone by switching doritos!) We had milk ready for those that needed to put out the fire. I have to say, it wasn't as hot as the chicken I had. I was sorta disappointed. My oldest son was the only one that seemed to need the milk. I really liked them actually.

If you want a spicy chip to go along with that sandwich these may be for you. Habanero Doritos!

xo M

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A different kind of wedding.

Now I know not everyone will appreciate this posting. Some people have super strong feelings one way or the other. So be it.

Well, I went to a gay wedding. Yep you're read correctly. I went to see two men "tie the knot". I guess it's called a commitment ceremony.

My sister in law was invited as a guest and brought me along as her date. I didn't know these two men. It didn't matter. I had to go watch. Sorta like a reality show. I have to say that I was curious how the whole thing would be pulled off. Would there be one in a dress? Would it be like a traditional wedding? Who walks them down the isle? Would there be rings and a KISS?

As we were going to the roof top of this building to watch the ceremony I realized that we were in the elevator with lesbians. I think they thought my sister in law and I were "together". Yikes. Well, if that's the case I hope they thought I was the girl!! LOL.

Any way. There were no dresses. They wore matching suites. A mother and sister walked them down the isle. There was a song, a minister of some sort, rings, and even a kiss. I have to say that I didn't think the kiss would bother me. Well, it sorta did. It went on a bit to long.
The reception was normal with toasts, music, and cake. The food was really good! We pretty much ate and ran.

Overall I would say the whole experience was like any wedding. ..except with two guys. People were genuinely happy for them. They seemed "in love". There was nothing that caught me with my mouth hanging open. They were just two PEOPLE who want to have a committed life together.

xo M

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lemme tell ya.

Lemme tell ya. I have been so busy with hairdo's, lashes, and life.

We are going camping. This means that I work my butt off the week before AND the week after our trip. I have to cram everyone in or they freak out.

I am really looking forward to being a vegetable. That is what I am hoping for any ways. I don't want to take any major hikes or strenuous bike rides. I just want to sit there with a book and a marshmallow roasting on a stick.

I know, I know, not likely to happen. Somehow I will get sucked in by my boys. I can see it now. Me, the mountain bike, the not so cute helmet and sweat rolling down my neck. My butt checks bruising, my tummy growling, and my body aching. Oh well. I have to look on the bright side....I need the exercise.

So, have an easy week. I hope to blog like a mad women when I return. Take care.

xo M