Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pretty nails

I don't wear artificial nails but I do usually wear polish. For some ladies keeping polish on natural nails can be challenging. I have found these items that seem to keep the polish on longer.

There is a top coat and base coat from Creative nails. The top coat is called "Speedy" and the base coat is called "Sticky". I also use and "orange wood stick" to clean up when I color outside the lines. The can is purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply. It is Beauty Secrets Nail Enamel Dryer. It helps dry the polish faster. I apply the sticky, then two coats of polish, then one coat of speedy, then I wait a few minutes and spray with the dryer.

I usually treat my self to pedicures but do my own nails. I end up polishing about once a week. The polish does not peel off it just gets rough looking.

Pretty nails are always in style.


Anonymous said...

I need some of this stuff! I'm always looking for ways for my nails to dry faster! I did get some of Sally Hansen's "Diamond Nails" polish and it seems to last a long time compared to my OPI! M